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Wills and Estates

Making a Will is important and only costs £60 plus VAT for a simple Will.  By making a Will, you can be sure that your money and possessions will be dealt with as you wish after your death.  In some cases, if you do not leave a Will, your loved ones could lose out.

To make a Will, please contact us.  We will give you advice on what to do with your “estate” – that is, your money and other assets – and draw up a Will for you.

When someone dies, his or her executor will be responsible for dealing with any money or assets in the estate.  The Will usually names the executor or executors.  If there is no Will, the executor will need advice and assistance from a solicitor.  At Carrick Robb we have years of experience in helping executors and loved ones to cope and to ensure that the estate of the deceased is wound up as smoothly as possible. 

Contact us on 01505 682408.